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£280 starting from (8 kids)

Each child will learn how to bake a mini loaf cake and make 3 different kinds of cookies or biscuits.

While we're waiting for our treats to bake, each child will make their own milkshake! Flavours include; Strawberry, Chocolate, Oreo and Banana.  

Once the cakes and cookies have cooled down its time to roll up our sleeves and start decorating them with sprinkles, chocolate icing, glitter and sweets!

 We'll round off with a spot of karaoke and dancing to end on a high, and of course, each child will receive a certificate of excellence for taking part.

COOKING and BAKING ADD-ONS (party extras )
Decorate a heart shaped birthday cake £20
Or a 9" square birthday cake £30
Chocolate fountain £40 (8-15 kids)
Chocolate fountain £50 (15-20 kids)
Chocolate fountain £70 (20-40 kids )
Chocolate fountain includes freshly cut fruits, marshmallows, sprinkles, frozen bananas,
Decorate 4 fairy cakes £4.50 (per child )
Garlic bread £1.50per child

Whisk, spoon, bowls, baking trays, cutters, loaf shape modes, plastic apron, paper plates, plastic sheeting kitchen scales, baking trays, free paper bag or box to take treats home.

All ingredients, all equipment including oven gloves baking trays, baking paper, all children get plastic apron when the party starts and a bag or box to take their treats home in. Plus a certificate of achievement will be given to all children attending the cooking party and any gifts as listed in the themed parties.

I arrived 45 minutes prior to the party starting, in order to set up your room, cover up tables in plastic sheets and help you with putting up your decorations and guess what? I take home all washing up, yeaaah!